Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vip on Ollie Johnston: The good and the less good

In the late 1930s, Virgil "Vip" Partch (1916-1984) worked as Ollie Johnston's assistant. (Ollie, of course, was one of Disney's "Nine Old Men.") Above, Vip shows how Ollie felt after a director complimented him on a scene ... And here, Ollie's reaction to a scene that maybe wasn't met with the same euphoria. My father had several well-worn volumes of Partch cartoons around the house when I grew up. In the front of one of them was a cartoon Vip had drawn in it saying "To Roof from Vip." Above the inscription was a picture of Virgil watching my father paint palm trees on a voluptuous woman's backside. Pure Virgil Partch. I only wish I knew where the book...and that drawing...were today. Vip left Disney after the 1941 and went on to fame and fortune as a comic artist, contributing to Collier's, True, The Saturday Evening Post, and the newspaper panel comic Big George. More of VIP's work here.


Anonymous said...

In his magazine cartoons, Vip was known for drawing men and women with too many fingers on their hands.

He said it was to make up for his time at Disney where he was only allowed to draw four fingers per hand.

Anonymous said...

When Picasso died in 1973 he had a copy of one of Vip Partchs cartoon books on his nightstand.

Vance Gerry told me Vip did a gag drawing entitled LAST DAY AT DISNEY.' The drawings show an artist boxes up his stuff, turns in his keys, says good bye to his friends. finally he goes down to the morgue where he is given his balls back!

If anyone has a copy of this drawing I'd love to see it!

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