Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Secret Studio

Well, actually it's not a secret, not really. It's an animation unit now working on the Warners lot, in two different buildings among the big sound stages where Casablanca, Oceans Eleven and Key Largo were filmed.

Director Chris Bailey heads up a crew of animators, riggers, board artists, surfacers and all the rest who are doing a number of shorts for the state department. When I strolled through yesterday, one artist said to me:

"We've got a terrific group here. People from Dreamworks, Disney, other studios. We're moving fast, so we're testing the rigs as we go along ..."

The shorts are being made for the great acronym "PEPFAR." And what is PEPFAR? "The President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief."

The whole deal is supposed to last for three or four months.


Killroy McFate said...

Daffy Duck says, "Remember kidth, practith abthtinenth!"

Anonymous said...

Worked for palin. AND her daughter.

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