Thursday, January 28, 2016

Twenty-Six Half Hours

Stretch Armstrong lives!!.

Netflix is expanding its original content for kids, bringing the iconic Stretch Armstrong brand to the small screen. The Internet TV network is partnering with Hasbro Studios on the animated/comedy series for premiere in 2017. ...

The ever-flexible Stretch has been in various types of development for some time. Live-action features (nope). TV series (maybe).

Pre-production on Stretch Armstrong will be happening at the Hasbro studio in Burbank; where the production will be done I know not.

Netflix has, of course, been on an animation-acquisition binge, having renewed several cartoon series with DreamWorks Animation TV while reaching out to other studios for additional product. Apparently at least half of the 150 eyeballs goggling at Netflix goggle at Netflix's cartoons.

Find Variety's two-year-old story on the death of Relativity's "Stretch Armstrong" movie here.


Chris Sobieniak said...

It'll be interesting to see a toyline based on this new incarnation make it to store shelves as well. Sadly I grew up in the 80's after the first gen "Kenner" Armstrong had long past (only knowing of it through old comic book ads) and was already too old for that stuff when Cap Toys revived the IP in the mid 90's.

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