Sunday, August 07, 2016

Foreign Box Office

Around the globe, computer generated images, in both animated and live-action VFX form, are in abundance.


Suicide Squad -- $132,000,000 -- ($267,100,000)

The Secret Life Of Pets -- $68,600,000 -- ($502,200,000)

Time Raiders -- $64,600,000 --- ($70,000,000)

Jason Bourne -- $20,900,000 -- ($195,300,000)

Finding Dory -- $11,500,000 -- ($870,300,000)

Ice Age: Collision Course -- $11,500,000 -- ($288,157,416)

The Legend of Tarzan -- $8,100,000 -- ($335,050,024

Ghostbusters -- $6,400,000 -- ($179,511,936) ...

As a trade mag relates:

Busting out in 57 international markets, Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad banned together for a $132M start on its debut weekend. That sets a new overseas record for August and nearly doubles the opening of comp Guardians Of The Galaxy which kicked off on essentially the same date in 2014, albeit in 15 fewer markets. ...

Expanding this week, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets has crossed $500M worldwide, sitting up in China with a $28.9M start after debuting Tuesday. It was led locally by Time Raiders, a 3D adventure fantasy that is giving a boost to a lackluster Middle Kingdom season with a $70M+ opening. ...

Finding Dory continues reeling in a memorable run overseas with another $11.5M weekend taking the offshore cume to $396.4M. Combined with domestic, that brings the global total to $870.3M. ...

As the 5th Ice Age eyes further releases in Italy and China later this month, Fox’s Collision Course collided with $11.5M this weekend in 66 markets. France, Germany and Poland had strong holds, each down less than 30% as families look to cool down during summer. The respective cumes in those markets are $18.7M, $21.4M and $3.7M. ...

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