Saturday, June 14, 2008

Incredible B.O.

The Big Panda drops to third as yet another comic book hero steps to the plate and mashes one out of the park.

The Incredible Hulk replicates KFP's performance from a week ago (and throws in an extra million) claiming $21,030,000.

Meanwhile, The Happening delivers a Friday gross of $12.8 million -- while the big Panda winds up with $10,000,000 and a total of $93,677,000 in its eighth day of release ...

Zohan collects $5,425,000 in fourth place and Indiana Jones (#5) snares $3,365,000 for a total of $265,432,000 after 23 days in your friendly neighborhood AMCs.

Of the Top Ten domestic box office earners, four are now in triple digits (with a fifth due momentarily).

Add On: To no one's surprise, the Hulkster lands at the top of the heap. (But note: it's Friday opening was better than KFP and it's weekend total was $5,500,000 under ... at $54.5 million.)

And Panda moves past The Happening to claim the second spot on the charts with $34.2 million. It's domestic total after two weekends stands at $118 million.)

The Happening fades a bit from its robust Friday opening and collects $30.5 million, while Sandler's Zohan drops farther than any other Top Tenster (57.4%) to take $16.4 million and a current cume of $68.7 million.

Indiana Jones slides 40.6%, rakes in $13.5 million and now sees $275.3 million bulging from its ruck sack.


Anonymous said...

I must say Kung Fu Panda, is a great little film and i'm not the least surprised its doing so well. i could easily see it again. and thats something i dont usually do. Congrats to Dreamworks.

next up lets see what Pixar's Wall-e brings.....

Vincent Waller said...

The Happening. So bad that it's almost funny...Almost.

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