Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our new building, before and after

Construction photo

Above, a photo of how the front of our new building at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank looks at the moment (impressive, is it not?) ...

... and below, an architect's rendering of how the front will look when it's done ... from roughly the same angle.

Looking northwest from the sidewalk: at the near left is the area that will be our new art gallery, adjacent to the front lobby. On the first floor at the north end of the building will be the Guild's offices; on the second floor above the offices will be an auditorium for membership meetings and other special events.

In answer to a comment from the previous post, we will be saving all the furniture from our current office and putting it on permanent exhibition in the art gallery*.

Architect's rendering
Photo by Steve Hulett; rendering by Jeffrey M. Kalban and Associates.
* This is a joke.


Anonymous said...

I would have voted for something retro Art Deco, Steve. Like those studio structures from the 30's/40's...

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