Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Work Begins on TAG's New Building

Front of building

It doesn't look like much now, but we're into the third week of reconstituting the Animation Guild's new building. One of the first jobs was to remove the old, ugly fake mansard roof from the front of the property. The structure is now gutted, inside and out, not even fit for a homeless person to sleep in.

Parking lot wall under construction

Workers rebuild the rear wall of the parking lot, moving it two feet further back to the property line. (Fascinating, no?)


Kevin Koch said...

Hell yeah, it's fascinating! I love it. Funny thing is, the building now looks better than it did when we bought it!

Anonymous said...

Parking! All I want is parking! I don't care if it's a tent as long as there is parking.

Jeff Massie said...

Ask and ye shall receive. There will be parking galore (at least a couple of dozen spaces onsite).

Won't make up for losing that mansard rook though ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Will there be a new couch in the lobby?

I've driven by abandoned sidewalk couches nicer than that thing.

Jeff Massie said...

Yes and no.

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