Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leverage, Leverage, Who's Got the Leverage?

Variety detailed the tug of war here:

'Sit Down, Shut Up'

Sony Pictures TV has handed out a new ultimatum to writers on "Sit Down, Shut Up." Studio has given scribes one more, slightly sweetened deal -- but still hasn't budged on its insistence that scribes work under an IATSE, rather than WGA, contract. Writers were given until Tuesday night to decide whether they'd continue with the show.

But the writers are remaining steadfast in their refusal to work under an IATSE contract ...

Well, the ultimatum ran out twenty-six hours ago and I haven't heard an effing thing.

I called an exec at Sony to see what was what, but the exec was out. (Story of my life.)

My info to date is that Sony will make the shows come high water or drought, it's simply a matter of if it will be with these writers or other writers.

But maybe my information is wrong. Maybe if the show runners are ticked off and walk, and the staff remains united and strong, the show gets deep-sixed, or ...

... Sony caves. It's been known to happen. Companies usually don't stand on hard principle if it's against their economic self-interest. (Although in this case, it will depend on how BIG the economic self-interest is.)

In my experience, companies are pragmatic because they are entities focused on making money. They don't march over a cliff simply to prove a point.

I guess we'll see.


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