Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wandering Warners

I hadn't been to Warners Animation in like forever, an imbecilic move on my part. But I had it in my pea brain that pretty much nothing was going on over at the Warner Ranch.

Wrongo. The division is doing twenty-six episodes of Batman, also a direct-to-video super hero feature. So I hopped over there this afternoon ...

Veteran animation producer Sam Register took command of the division the beginning of the month, and I asked one of the artists on the third floor of the Warner Animation Building how Mr. Register was working out.

Mr. Register.

"He's great," the artist said. "He's been around here a lot, involved in story development, design and model selections, in pretty much everything. A really hands on guy."

Which is a refreshing change, since I've been around long enough to remember Warner Animation honchos who were hardly ever in attendance at the facility. (An act of Congress might have gotten them to materialize, but nothing else.)

I asked if Mr. Register was going to put new projects into production and get the unit moving again. The artist grinned at me.

"Here's hoping."


Anonymous said...

I've they're going to start a feature up soon...any word on this?

Anonymous said...

sorry...late night posting...that should read:"I hear they're going to start a feature soon..."
I know this because I was asked to submit a portfolio awhile ago.

Anonymous said...

With no feature division in existence for WB (at least not since 2005) i highly doubt it. As a former WBTVA employee I hope Sam Register can turn things around but with no KidsWB anymore and CN looking for more live action, what is there left for WBTVA to do?

Anonymous said...

I thought that whole CN looking for live action stuff was done with - aren't they back to focusing on animation again?

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