Saturday, August 09, 2008

August Ticket Sales

Another weekend begins with stoners upending Batman from the Number One slot.

Pineapple Express tokes up $7.9 million (and a $25,974,000 total) with The Dark Knight right behind with $7.6 million and $423.1 million in the till ...

Now with nutritious Add Ons!

The Mummy sleeps in the third position, collecting $4,836,000 and a $59.4 million total.

Animation is barely hanging on in the Top Ten this week. Wall-E occupies the tenth berth, with a domestic accumulation of $207,966,000. Those wacky Interstellar Chimps swing along at #11, and own $24.3 million domestically.

Add On: Hot damn. Dark Knight closes in on Bells of St. Mary's (What would Bing say?)

Add On Too! The weekend totals have The Dark Knight triumphing yet again (although not on a per-theatre basis) with $26 milllion. The Batster now has a $441.5 million total.

Pineapple Express collects $22.4 million for a round number $40.5 million since its mid-week release.

The Mummy comes in 3rd at $16.1 million for a $70.7 million cume, and the debuting Sisterhood of the Pants That Walk, Part Deux collects $10.8 million for a $19.7 million total.

Wall-E remains in tenth place, and now is roughly $1.2 million south of Kung Fu Panda, down the list seven notches. ($210.1 million to $211.3 million, if you're scoring. And aren't we all?)

Those hyperkinetic Space Chimps have achieved $25.5 million after four weeks in global orbit.


Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the power of the weed dude.

It over comes violence, it enhances love, it lowers the speed limit, and reduces traffic in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

save your hard earned money and go see Dark Knight again instead.

Anonymous said...

Even stoned dude, I can't see Dark Knight 4 times in as many weeks.

Maybe you need to up your dosage man to enjoy the lighter side. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Doing pot makes you stupid.
And its stinky as well.


Anonymous said...

So serious :@(

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