Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August B.O.

The summer frenzies draw to a close and box office is tepid.

Babylon A.D. ekes out a first place finish on Friday, raking in $3.1 million.

Second place Tropic Thunder stays close behind, drawing in $3 million to hoist its domestic total to $75.4 million.

And fifth place Dark Knight is poised to cross the $500 million marker this weekend ...

In the meantime, no animated fare lives in the Top Ten. The best any 'toon can do is thirteenth place, where Clone Wars is fading fast, still in 2,444 theaters, bu not in many movie-goers' hearts and minds. $27.6 million total as of Friday.

Nineteenth place Fly Me To The Moon has a grand total of $5 million bucks ...

And Wall-E stands at $217 million with a $250,000 box office on Friday down in the 22nd slot. (I'm guessing it will be beaten slightly by Kung Fu Panda in worldwide grosses. Certainly Panda will best it in profitability, since the Little Robot cost more.)

Add On: The weekend finals show that Tropic Thunder is again at the top of the heap and closing in on $84 million ... The Dark Knight (in third position) rakes in another $8,750,000 and glodes to $502,421,000 ... While Babylong A.D. collects $9.7 million in its opening frame.

Down in the animated department, eleventh place Clone Wars nudges against a $30 million accumulation, Fly me To The Monn (#18) has six and one-third million dollars in the till, and Wall-E stands at $218 million in 21st place.


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