Saturday, August 02, 2008

Early August B.O.

Brendan Fraser, the new Harrison Ford? With one action movie per month, what else could he be?

And the hits, they just keep on coming.

The Mummy's franchise strikes again, landing at the top of the charts with a $15.3 million Friday. (Who cares if the reviews reek?)

The Dark Knight slides to second place, collecting $12.6 million and a total of $363.7 million ...

On the animated front, #7 Wall-E passes the magic $200 million marker, while Space Chimps soars across the $20 million threshold as it holds down the tenth position.

Down at the fifteenth spot, Kung Fu Panda reaches the heady plateau of $210 million, domestic.

Add On: The Weekend Totals show that the Caped Crusader in his third stanza out-sings the Embalmed One $43.8 million to $42.5 million (close to a #1/#2 photo finish, but Warners has bragging rights three times running).

On the animation front, eighth place Wall-E closes in on the Big Panda, waddling along in fifteenth place. The robot now has a $204.2 million cume to KFP's $210.5 million. The Pixar feature will probably edge ahead of the DreamWorks hit domestically; that might be reversed in foreign lands.

Either way, they're both solid hits.

(Space Chimps, swinging along in tenth place, now has $22 million in the hopper).


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