Monday, August 25, 2008

Global 'Toon Box Office

Wall-E and the chubby bear continue to burn up foreign turnstiles:.

"Panda" dug up $3.8 million at 3,285 to lift its foreign take to $372.1 million, trailing only "The Dark Knight" and Par's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" at $466 million.

A little simple addition: $372.1 million overseas, added to $212.7 domestic adds up to "Let's get a sequel started right soon!"

Or am I deluded?

And Wall-E hasn't done too badly either.

Disney also opted to avoid the tentpole crush with "Wall-E," which scooped up $8.7 million at 3,905 in holdover biz from 32 markets and lifted foreign cume to $163 million while only halfway through its run. The toon held impressively in France, off just 1% to $2.7 million in its fourth frame ...

It's highly conceivable that Panda and Wall-E will both nudge up against $600 million in global box office. (Certainly KFP will, since it's almost there now. And if Wall-E approaches the Panda's overseas take, both pictures climb into the $.6 billion winner's circle, with video and the other ancillary markets still to come.)

It's good to be riding atop hit movies, yes?


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