Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eric Goldberg Gets Writer's Cramp

Or should have, with the number of books he signed Wendesday night at the Samuel French Theatre and Book Store in Studio City.

The lines were long from the time the doors opened until the whistle blew at 9:00 p.m. and Eric took a break from drawing and writing in a jillion different copies of his book.

Kudos to the Samuel French Theatre and Creative Talent Network (topkicked by animation veteran Tina Price) for throwing the even in the first place.


Anonymous said...

and the Samuel French theater knows its cheeses. Some of that stuff was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Too interesting!

Eric is one of the greatest artist ever!

I know he's working on "The Princess and the Frog"... do you know if Eric will animate Louis the alligator?

Steve Hulett said...

Eric informed me last night that was the character he was animating.

It was a fine evening.

Jenny Lerew said...

Samuel French Theatre and Film Bookshop to be precise. ; )

They sell the entire panoply of film books there as well as plays etc.

I'm sure if the food & drink were good that's the doing of Gwen Feldman, Chouinard grad, gourmand and not least Eric's publisher(who is also affiliated with French--she was my boss in another, pre-Calarts lifetime-my friend still in this one).

I wish I could have been there. Not a bit surprised the turnout was great. Kudos Eric!

Anonymous said...

If the cheese was that good, chances are it was from the Artisan Cheese Gallery just a few doors down the street.

Thanks, Eric, for writing this book, and being gracious enough to sign it for folks.

Kate said...

Oh gawd, my hair looks ridiculous in that second picture. [/girly]

That was a fantastic event, Eric was a total sweetheart, and the book is a great read. I wasn't there for long, but it was a lot of fun. I don't know how I've survived this long without knowing about this bookstore.

Twas a good night! :) Thank you, Eric!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Steve for your answer!

I think Eric is one's of the greatest animator ever!!!

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