Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Eve Post

... where a commenter writes:

It's not a secret that Elves is dead or that the producer and directors have gone. That said, it's lame and irresponsible for Slashfilm (or whatever it's called) to do "stories" on the posts here. Hello Slashfilm: either get an actual source that YOU know or leave speculation on other message boards alone for chrissakes.

And for the 101th time Steve: this is why our board shouldn't be public. it's really going to backfire some day ...

And my 101th answer is "No." It's already backfired, but I'm still here typing anyway.

As for that other thing, I've told naughty old Slashfilm a jillion times, "Stop stealing stuff out of our comments section!!" For some reason they don't listen to me, I don't know why.

But thanks for your kind words. Concern trolls are some of our favorite people.


Alishea said...

many blogs can make it so they do not accept comments from anonymous ppl and can read comments before you can catch the retard commenters before Slashfilm sneaks up.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, Slashfilm didnt get a retard comment. It was real.

Slashfilm just shouldnt use anonymous comments as sources, they should verify their sources.

Anonymous said...

Why should they be held to a higher standard of journalism than Fox News?

Anonymous said...

At least ... are Aaron and Bob still at Disney?

Steve Hulett said...

many blogs can make it so they do not accept comments from anonymous ppl and can read comments before posting

And we could do it here. Which would mean more work ... and less of a life than we already have.

This is a UNION blog, Alishea. More work for less pay is NOT the goal. (Like your artwork, but the way.)

Anonymous said...

The editing of posts isn't that hard. There aren't the number of posts here that you'd not have a life but you're the blogmaster, so I'll zip it from here on in.

As the guy whose comment you excerpt for this post here I will say that I'm not a "troll", Steve. Sorry you feel that way. I sincerely wish the blog(or at least a version of it) was limited to members only when it discusses information pertinent to us but proprietary to some of our employers,were password protected or at least moderated. I was really concerned that "info" leaked out could get people in trouble or make trouble for innocent people-I wasn't looking
to stir up trouble and troll you or TAG.

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