Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fox Keeps Cartooning Up

NBC doesn't do it. CBS doesn't do it. ABC doesn't do it (even though it's owned by Diz Co.)

But the Fox Network just can't get themselves enough of that prime-time animation ...

Fox is flipping "Bob's Burgers," handing a 13-episode order to an animated comedy series from "Home Movies" co-creator Loren Bouchard.

The project is set at a seaside East Coast town and centers on Bob, a creative grill man who runs a struggling burger joint with his tightly wound wife and their three unhelpful kids. ...

Rupert and Co. have apparently stumbled on a magical elixer that allows them to be successful with cartoons in the evening hours. They own the Sunday night block, and sell lots of DVDs into the bargain.

No wonder they keep developing animated shows. They've made a whole lot of money from the enterprise, so why not go right on doing it?

They just have to make sure they don't overwork the "off-kilter husband with eccentric wife and mega eccentric kids" angle.


Hugh Hogwarts said...

I wish Disney would give a night of its primetime to animation.

Maybe Prep & Landing will help? I saw it and it's amazing. One of the best specials to come along in decades.

Now if we can get them to have a Disney Night with a block of animated shows! That'd be great. Wonder what would be good in primetime for them?

Anonymous said...

Loren Bouchard is a complete tool. His lack of talent make him a perfect fit for Fox. I can say this because I've worked with him.

Read his Wikipedia page. He wrote it himself.

Really, what can we look for here; hours and hours of dry sardonic delivery by John H Benjamin? More radio disguised as tv.


Anonymous said...

Loren - you are hilarious. Your above post proves it yet again. Keep delivering the goods!

C.M.B. said...

I wonder where this show is being done. It's Fox so they'll probably want to keep it local, but it's Loren Bouchard, and he likes his boutique studios in far away cities.

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