Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pearl Harbor Derby

Now with butter-flavored Add On.

Two animated features hang on to their Top Ten positions:

Disney’s A Christmas Carol" remained afloat in the top 10, grossing $1.9 million in seventh from 2,546, down 70% for a total stateside B.O. of $109.4 million. ...

Ranking tenth, Sony’s "Planet 51" beamed up $1 million at 2,904, down 75% in its second Friday, for a running total B.O. of $30.7 million.

Elsewhere among limited engagements, Disney’s exclusive Gotham and Los Angeles run of hand-drawn toon "The Princess and the Frog" continued to be strong in its second Friday, charting $233,000 from two venues, a 16% dip and an estimated total B.O. of $1.9 million ...

Worldwide, Christmas Carol is at $200 million (see above).

Still to come in the wide release department is The Princess and the Frog with Avatar -- that's animated, isn't it? -- following the week after.

Add On: The Top Ten for Friday:

1. The Blind Side (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,326 runs] Fri $6.8M, Est Wkd $21M

2. New Moon (Summit) Week 3 [4,124 runs] Fri $5.2M, Est Wkd $15.2M

3. Brothers (Relativity/Lionsgate) NEW [2,088 runs] Fri $3.6M, Est Wkd $10M

4. Armored (Sony) NEW [1,914 runs] Fri $2.4M, Est Wkd $7M

5. Old Dogs (Disney) Week 2 [3,425 runs] Fri $2.0M, Est Wkd $7M

6. 2012 (Sony) Week 4 [3,220runs] Fri $2.0M, Est Wkd $6M

7. A Christmas Carol (Disney) Week 5 [2,456 runs] Fri $1.9M, Est Wkd $7.5M

8. Ninja Assassin (WB) Week 2 [2,503 runs] Fri $1.6M (-71%), Est Wkd $5M

9. Everybody's Fine (Radar/Miramax) NEW [2,133] Fri $1.3M, Est Wkd $4.5M

10. Planet 51 (Sony) Week 3 [2,904 runs] Fri $1.0M, Est Wkd $4M

Add On Too: At the wire, Christmas Carol has collected $115 million domestic while rising to #4 on the Hit Parade, and Planet 51 stands at $34 million in the ninth position. (Meanwhile, New Moon and The Blind Side have traded the #1 and #2 slots, with Blind Side now at #1, and Fox executives kicking themselves down Pico Boulevard for putting the picture into turnaround. Oh well ...)

Just outside of the Top Ten, The Fantastic Mr. Fox (#11) has pocketed $14 million and The princess and the Frog stand at $2.5 million prior to going wide on December 11th.


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