Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oy, have we got pictures

Are you regretting you didn't bring a camera to last week's party? No need ...

Enrique May, who over the years has been the de facto official photographer of the TAG holiday parties, has favored us with almost six hundred shots of the big bash. Along with Steve Hulett's relatively modest stash, you can view them at the following Photobucket links:

These pics have been uploaded without any editing -- some are out of focus, misframed, or need rotating. And of course there are no identifying labels. (There are, after all, only so many hours in the day.) But they're all high-def and downloadable.

Thanks to Steve and especially Enrique for their Herculean efforts to chronicle our social events. And now, journey through the blue links and relive the magical moments that were the 2009 Animation Guild Christmas Party.


C.M.B. said...

I took only a few. They're all on the front page of my pic site.

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