Monday, July 19, 2010

Cartoons Win, News Loses

It's certainly good to know that America's most important age-group still has its priorities right.

CBS' "60 Minutes" was Sunday night's most watched program overall, but the veteran newsmagazine performed so poorly with younger viewers that FOX's regular Sunday animation repeats were able to claim the win in the key demographic.

Among adults 18-49, FOX averaged a 1.5 rating for the night, beating the 1.3 rating for CBS in the all-important demographic ...

Our spirits always rise when Stewie, Peter and the rest tromp on the geriatric news gatherers at the Columbia Broadcasting System. Because it encourages FOX to renew the animated bloc for another season.


Floyd Norman said...

Nice to know that we're getting dumber with each new generation. No wonder everybody hated Mike Judge's "Idiocrisy."

Anonymous said...

And no wonder you spelled it wrong.

Floyd Norman said...

Clearly, I'm just as dumb.

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought we hated it because Judge was using up his overpraised live-action cult free-ride ticket from his first film (which later expired after "Extract"), which is why he had to go crawling back to his old 90's MTV gig--

But what that has to do with Fox's Sunday-nite-animation ADD slacker-cult, or 60 Minutes having pretty much gone downhill after Lowell Bergman left in the 90's, I'm not quite sure.

yeah, like, yeah... said...

Pop culture is stupefying. Period!

I thought Al Pacino did a good job portraying Mr. Bergman on "The Insider".

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