Thursday, July 22, 2010

In and Around Cartoon Network

Going through the main CN building on Third Street, I got to see a segment of Cartoon Network's first c.g. feature.

Firebreather: Cartoon Network’s first original all-CG animation adventure presents Duncan Rosenblatt, a rather typical, awkward high school kid, except that his dad is a fire-breathing dragon and he is destined to protect the earth. Created and co-executive-produced by Phil Hester (The Wretch), Firebreather is executive-produced by Julia Pistor (Lemony Snicket) and co-executive-produced by Andy Kuhn (Freedom Ring)—Jim Kreig (Ben 10: Alien Force) joins as writer. Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) is attached to direct.

Mr. Chung was kind enough to show me finished and unfinished work, and I was pleased to watch an action set-piece that snapped right along. The sequence didn't have a completed track, and some of the animation wasn't finalled, but it worked real well all the same. The director told me that the animation was created in South Korea on a tight budget, but I think it does the job. ComicConners will get to make up their own minds when pieces of the feature get put on display this Sunday ...

Elsewhere in the building, two new television series are moving ahead with their six-episode orders. One of the shows is Secret Mountain, Fort Awesome (the title of which makes me tingle) and another project that hasn't been announced yet.

They were clearing out cubes in anticipation of doing some in-house flash animation. I asked if this meant CN was turning away from icky reality shows. The artist said he didn't know. Back at the office, I got my answer on the intertubes.

How's this for an unexpected announcement: Cartoon Network is reviving Fox's short-lived reality show "Hole in the Wall."

The network has given a 10-episode order to the FremantleMedia series, a "human Tetris" game show where contestants contort themselves to fit through odd shapes. ... Here's a hint to producers: Ditch the lame slick bodysuits. ...



mattanimation said...

I know some pretty talented animators from Korea, they deserve to not get crap pay for their work just the same as people here. So I hope this won't stink and give Korea a bad rep.

Anonymous said...

The storyline is reminiscent of American Dragon: Jake Long.

John Dorian said...

Yeesh. With both Chowder and Flapjack gone, that leaves nearly nothing at CN Studios thanks to the failure of their Live Action craze. What, Adventure Time? Ben 10? Generator Rex? Sym-bionic Titan? Regular Show? Secret Mountain Ft. Awesome? I remember a lot more shows in production back in 2006-2007.

I guess WB Animation's the new outlet for CN these days (and
that's actually more of a good thing).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone even watch CN anymore. They have had some of the lamest noncreative executives over there for years.

Anonymous said...

With Warner's tunnel-visioned demographics, CN's daytime scheduling has pretty much been reduced to "Is it Adult Swim yet?"

Which is why the majority of the kid demographics goes over to watch bad live-action sitcoms on Disney Channel that look like they were made in the Reagan era.

Anonymous said...

Adult Swims sucks now. Boondock=a sea of sullen black faces. Yeah. Next! Squidbillies: Ugliness on toast. Spare me! And..well, whatever, I never watch Adult Swim anymore. Bring back the anime!

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