Sunday, July 18, 2010

DreamWorks Animation Soon on Block?

I have no earthly idea. But the New York Times seems to be speculating:

... “Jeffrey Katzenberg is the rare instance of someone who actually should be running a bigger company,” said Roger Smith, a former film executive and the New York editor for Global Media Intelligence.

That’s not the way Mr. Katzenberg sees it. “I can see why we would be valuable to other people,” he said. “The challenge for me is to see why we need them. I’m not convinced at all that we need to be part of a larger company to be successful.”

Currently, most stand-alone movie outfits are openly for sale (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), looking for new money (Creative Artists Agency) or angling for an alliance (Lions Gate Entertainment). But Mr. Katzenberg insists that his company, with no debt and a powerful track record, has all it needs to thrive. ...

The days of Disney doing animated features while every other major stands around and watches is twenty years behind us. Maybe DWA's Megamind will be another solid hit (the crew is certainly hopeful), but the competitive ups and downs of the cartoon business just now have got to make existence a little queasy for the moguls.


Anonymous said...

Megamind looks like Poo. Another disposable flic like Monsters vs. Aliens. Looks like the same models re-used again.

More quality movies like Dragon and Panda please Mr. Katzenberg.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how Megamind is as a movie. But I will say the recent trailer makes it look like a cheap direct to video knock off of The Incredibles. In a very bad way.

Anonymous said...

Trailers are meant to attract viewers, not repel them.

And the Megamind trailers are repellent. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Dreamworks next film is mentioned and there are posts outdoing each other about how ugly/shitty/what a ripoff it is.


Anonymous said...

What the f do these comments have to do with the speculation that Dreamworks might be getting sold?

I don't work at Dreamworks, but seriously, the dumb fanboy comments about their poor quality are played out and retarded. They proved themselves with KFP and Dragons. They can make a film every bit as good as Pixar's.

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