Friday, July 23, 2010

The Share Bar, a wonderful new* idea

* snark alert

Until organizer Steve Kaplan recently joined our ranks, the techie expertise of the staffers posting to this blog has been ... spotty.

Which is as good an excuse as any as to why it's taken so long for us to put up a Share Bar, which allows readers to conveniently take the contents of any post and either e-mail it or send it to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook or something called Google Buzz (which I have never heard of before and will likely never hear of again). You will find the Share Bar under the posters' names at the bottom of each post.

You will also note that we've done away with the list of feed links to various RSS resources such as iGoogle, My Yahoo! or Bloglines, in favor of a single generic RSS link. Most browsers nowadays can be formatted to post your RSS link choices to the home-page/RSS-feed-list resource of your choice; eliminating the list of separate resources unclutters our page and eliminates links to sites that no longer exist. (If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, there's an outside chance you might be interested in this.)

And speaking of links, if you have one (that is, if you're a Guild member — active or inactive — with a blog or webpage of your own), don't forget to send us the link and ask to post it on this blog's "blogroll" (which is towards the bottom of the right-hand column of this page.)


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh goodie! More ways to spread the butter!

Steve Hulett said...

When you have a bright, shiny knife, use it.

Anonymous said...

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