Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drinking and Drawing: In LA

Fred Seibert was kind enough to bring to our attention a fun gathering geared towards animation veterans and fans. From the description on its website:

It ends up being a high-paced musical chairs way of doing an animation (think Exquisite Corpse, or Anijam), and it’s loads of fun! Plus, by the end of the night, we have a short film (about 1 - 2 minutes long), created by dozens of animators!

The event will take place next Wednesday, September 21st, at Dillon's Irish Pub in Hollywood from 7-10pm. Its free to attend and participate and the resulting short will be posted on the Drinking and Drawing website for everyone to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What a great scam to get folks to work for FREE and get all kinds of FREE IDEAS AND FREE DESIGNS!!!!!


Hey kids! Make me the next Mickey Mouse that I can rip off and cash in on for the next 75 years!!! And all under the guise of a PARTY!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going, but I'm providing my own paperwork claiming ownership of everything I do.

Screw THIS!

Steven Kaplan said...

Really Trolls?! Have you even bothered to take a look at the site? I did .. with just those concerns in mind.

Do a little research before you blab on ..

Anonymous said...

We will.........thanks!

Sorry folks! We'll be right back after we read the fine print.

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