Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Moonscoop (formerly Mike Young Productions) has a new project:

... On Wednesday Archie Comics, which created the character [Sabrina the Teenage Witch], announced a partnership with MoonScoop Entertainment and plans to create a new, half-hour animated TV series.

The new show will feature a more “current” interpretation of the character, according to Archie Comics Chief Executive Jon Goldwater. Think skinny jeans, spiky hair and a tattoo.

The title character in the planned new "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" animated TV series and her cat, Salem. ...

Moonscoop, out in Warners Center in the West Valley, has been around for a long time. Years back, TAG organized the feature Clifford the Big Red Dog at Mike Young Productions. One artist pushed and shoved and collected cards. One artist. And TAG ended up with a contract.

So here we are, X number of years later, and the company once known as Mike Young Productions is producing Sabrina. And we're looking for artists who would like to get their Motion picture Industry Pension and Health Plan hours.

Takers? *

* Contact Steve Kaplan (e-mail: or 818-845-7500 .


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