Friday, September 16, 2011

Lion King 3D! And Attendant Tub Thumping!

Box office prognosticators think an old cartoon might end up at the pinnacle of box office charts:

... [Lion King 3D's] advanced ticket sales have been very strong, and it seems likely to climb to the top ... over the Friday-to-Sunday period. ...

It's not often that a seventeen-year-old feature gets a theatrical re-release. But never under-estimate the power of three dimensions and the marketing muscle of a big, international conglomerate.

And Disney's publicity machine is churning with full force. Among the articles heralding the relaunch ...

Mark Henn and Tony Bancroft recount "Lion King's" production.

As Lion King Goes 3D, cast and crew recall its making.

Rob [Minkoff] talks about the movie's new 3D theatrical release, the process of making the movie, and moving into live action.

‘The Lion King’ Has a New Life.

I've only seen 3-D images of Lion King on various computer monitors inside the hat images. It's genuinely dimensional, in the same way that Beauty and the Beast 3-D was dimensional. (That one I have seen.)

In the end, it's a personal choice. If you dig moving View Master, if you like goggles and elements floating out there in front of the silver screen, by all means rush to your AMC and treat yourself to the music and spectacle one more time. Maybe you'll have an experience to share, years from now, with your grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

Seeing The Lion King on the big screen again is a thrill in itself.

And the stereo is much better than BATB, in my opinion. They've really nailed down the process. I think it's cool it got a theatrical release.

Anonymous said...

Didn't make the film any less OK, but didn't add much either. Fun to see on the big screen. I still don't understand why they had to make the villain gay. It doesn't contribute anything to the film.

Steve Hulett said...

You only want straight villains?

And I don't know where you get the idea that Scar is gay. Explicity stated somewhere? Did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

"I still don't understand why they had to make the villain gay."

I agree with Hulett: Sez who ? How is Scar portrayed in the movie as "gay" ? You're projecting on to it what you want to see.

(Now please let's not have 57 comments back and forth trying to "prove" that Scar is gay or not. )

Anonymous said...

Whoops, Scar's not gay, he's British. Sorry, everyone. Common mistake.

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls

Anonymous said...

Care and attention must be utilized when casting a british actor that speaks in the Queen's English.

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