Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Interviewing Mike Cedeno -- Part I

Cal Arts class in 1976 -- Back: Joe Lanzisero, Darrell Van Citters, Brett Thompson, John Lasseter (pencil in mouth), Leslie Margolin, Mike Cedeno, Paul Nowak, Nancy Beiman; Middle: Jerry Rees, Bruce Morris, Elmer Plummer, Brad Bird, Doug Lefler; Front: Harry Sabin, John Musker

Video Add On: Mr. Cedeno talks about some of his paintings at Gallery 839 (below the fold.)

Artist and animator Mike Cedeno started drawing at a tender age ... like shortly after he figured out how to talk ...

TAG Interview with Michael Cedeno

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Mike's father was a career military man, so Mike got to draw in various corners of the globe. But when he was drawing (also painting) in high school, he was residing in California, and sent a portfolio into a freshly-formed arts-type college named Cal Arts. And Mike soon found himself learning the art of animation with the likes of the people seen directly above.

The rest (as they say) has been a long and illustrious career in Cartoonland.


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