Monday, September 19, 2011

The Larry Eikleberry Interview -- Part I

It's not often that a teen-aged kid from Arkansas runs into Walt Disney on the street. But in this case, the street was inside a large amusement park in Anaheim, so it's not entirely surprising ...

TAG Interview with Larry Eikleberry

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Larry Eikleberry had a love of art from a tender age, and pursued the love in art school, focusing on painting. He came to California a decade after college, and quickly found work at a succession of animation studios, working at Filmation, Bill Melendez and Disney Television Animation (among others) before settling into a long gig at Disney consumer products, where he focused on classic and current Disney animated features. ...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Eikleberry was wonderful to work with at Filmation! A real gentleman.

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