Wednesday, October 01, 2014

At Nick

Took a turn through Nickelodeon Animation Studios this morning, where they have a guard (a very nice guy) following me around because management is afraid (I guess) that I'll walk off with one of the big statues out on the corporate lawn ... or some of the wall decorations.

Nick is the only studio that has me march around with a uniformed officer (kind of a modified "perp walk"). But then, they're the only studio with big statues out front. And you can never be too careful. ...

Nick's ramping up a number of new shows and previously empty cubicles are starting to get occupied. Artists are staffing up to work on The Loud House, and preparations are being made to activate other hand-drawn productions (both old and new titles).

In the meantime, the studio has so many shows in the process of becoming that one of the CG shows will be moving to a new building. And the studio's long-term plans include constructing a new animation facility next door to the current studio on Olive Avenue in Burbank, where productions will (ultimately) be consolidated. But that consolidation is a ways off, most likely 2016 or 2017.

I'll have worked my way through a half-dozen more guards by then.


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