Friday, October 10, 2014

The Deluge

Oh my.

... The legal floodgates have opened on DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Pixar and Sony as yet another class action has been filed against the ‘toon companies over alleged anti-poaching and wage fixing deals.

“Visual effects and animation studios, including Lucasfilm, (including its division Industrial Light & Magic), Pixar, DreamWorks, The Walt Disney Company (and its division Walt Disney Animation Studios), Sony, ImageMovers, Digital Domain, and others have engaged in a long-running conspiracy to suppress the wages of their highly skilled workers and employees,” claims a complaint from David Wentworth (read it here). A former Associate Computer Graphics Supervisor at Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers, Wentworth’s October 2 filing in federal court is very similar to two previous class action suits put before the courts in the past five weeks. ...

Those trial lawyers, filing them lawsuits.

My guess is that this will, in due course, wend its way to a settlement. Hard to imagine the studios will want these lawsuits to fester and fester. Harder still to imagine that Disney, DreamWorks, et al wants executives testifying under oath. Or being deposed.


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