Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Business Press (And Others) Keep Picking Up The Obvious

We're In the Middle of an Exciting Shift in the Animation Industry

In point of fact, we're not in the middle. This "exciting shift" thingie has been going on for freaking years. ...

There is more animation going on than ever in the history of the biz, but this isn't a new phenomenon. Television cartoons exploded two decades ago. As did adult cartoons. As did features.

Sure, there have been some dips since, but to make the argument that this is something new and different when it's old news, is a wee bit silly. Netflix big purchases are new. Most everything else isn't.

The breadth of animation is expanding, but the expansion has been on-going over a long stretch of time.

What's new is the number of fresh-baked studios that are out there. ShadowMachine, referenced in the linked article above, is one of the newer specimens. It's L.A.-based, non-union, and paying sub-standard wages, but at least the company offers health insurance. Unlike, for instance, ADHD. (TAG's goal is to secure contracts with SM, ADHD and other new studios. Why should artists on new hit shows make less than their industry peers?)


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