Sunday, October 12, 2014

Reality Overtakes Fiction

Uh oh.

... Creators of FX’s animated spy farce say that Archer is dropping the acronym for its fictional covert agency International Secret Intelligence Service. With Islamic State jihadists tearing through Syria and Iraq and closing in on the latter’s capital city, it just makes sense to sidestep the ISIS name. (Anyone remember that appetite-suppression product called Ayds whose sales for some reason plunged by the mid-’80s?) ...

It's a good thing the rampaging hordes in Syria and Iraq aren't calling themselves KAOS. Because that would be the end of the Get Smart reruns.


Tim said...

I also remember the name change of the main character on "The Greatest American Hero" from Mr. Hinkley to Mr. Hanely, after John Hinkly Jr took a shot at Ronald Reagan.

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