Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Feature Release

The newer animated feature from Studio Ghibli launches here on October 17.

The Brew noted that The Tale of Princess Kaguya had an okay but not gangbuster release in Japan. But now it's being rolled out in the U.S., Australia, and other places.

Geoffrey Wexler produces the English version, with Frank Marshall of Kennedy/Marshall exec producing.


Jerry Beck said...

Asifa Hollywood screened this feature last Tuesday. All I will say is that anyone interested in hand drawn animation should not miss it. It's quite a tour-de-force of personality animation and effects animation.

David said...

This looks wonderful. Eagerly looking forward to seeing it.

I'm glad there are still some of these off-beat animated films being released, such as The Boxtrolls (which was great ) and now this film from Studio Ghibli.

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