Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This DreamWorks tv/Netflix series has been in work since the DWA television division set up shop in a skyscraper in downtown Glendale. And now tales set in an alternate universe of creatures that are half construction equipment, half giant reptiles are set to launch.

... Bill Desowitz: What makes Dinotrux different?

Randy Dormans: A couple of things that make it different for us as far as character design is that our characters have to be clearly identifiable dinosaur and construction vehicle or truck for the big guys. For the Reptools, they've gotta be a very identifiable tool and lizard or reptile of some sort. So Ty is a T-Rex mixed with an excavator and Revvit is a rotary tool like a Dremel, mixed with a chameleon.

It's very easy to look at the Pixar franchises [Toy Story and Cars], which is the first thing I thought of because they are these inanimate objects in a fairly realistic world. Lightning McQueen's mouth has a lot of squash-and-stretch to him.In reality, our show is not like these two shows at all. It's much more like Pixar's original short, Luxo Jr. It's all in the pose and very much back to basics and our guy [Ty] is like that. He doesn't deform -- he's constructed as if he's actually made of metal. The LEGGO Movie is the only other thing that does that. ...

There's been changes in personnel on a variety of shows (including this one) at DWA tv. With a studio that has ramped up as quickly as this one over the past couple of years, that might not be a surprise. Nevertheless, a lot of the series DreamWorks has concluded for Netflix, from Turbo Fast to Dragons of Berk have done well.

In the not distant future, the performance of this DreamWorks original will be known.


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