Monday, August 17, 2015

The Lion Guard

The Mouse has released a longer trailer.

It's got cute animation, and a nice "look" that mimics the original feature. There's some light criticism about TLG, saying the series is too "juvenile", but it's important to know how Diz Channel works.

The Channel knows its market. And before any television half-hour goes on the air, Diz Channel gives copious notes and focus groups the sucker. Then hands out more notes. Then focus groups the newer version, then creates still more notes and testing.

Get the idea?

By the time Disney Channel products get onto cable, Diz Co. has beaten, poked and prodded potential series to fare thee wells, and knows what it's got, and (pretty much) how each series will perform. Management leaves very little to chance. They want shows that will own enough young eyeballs to become global franchises. And they usually achieve shows that will get them there.

When you're a big conglomerate that's clawed its way to Number One, you like to protect your turf.


Unknown said...

You do know that young adults will be this cartoon's main audience.

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