Monday, August 31, 2015

The Animated Productions Among Us

Add On: Kindly note that this post is being continuously updated as studios call and members weigh in down below in comments.

From time to time we put up a roster of teevee shows and theatrical features being made in the Southern California area of Cartoonland. We try to be reasonably comprehensive, but we're constrained by

1) A reluctance to list stuff that hasn't been announced (although we screw up), and

2) A lack of total knowledge.

Feel free to chime in with things we've missed. And be aware that we might be taking things down as we get e-mails and phone calls from studios that don't want something up on this part of the internet, even though the offending titles are up on other sections of the internet. (There are very few secrets). ...


Bento Box

Legends – multi episodes
Bob’s Burgers – multi episodes ...

Cartoon Network

Power Puff Girls – multi episodes
Ben 10 – multi episodes
(Above shows = high international demand.)

Regular Show – multi episodes
Adventure Time -- multi episodes
Stephen Universe – multi episodes
Clarence – multi episodes
Royals – multi episodes
Uncle Grandpa – multi episodes
Mixels - episode
(Additional unannounced shows in development for multiple distribution platforms.)

Cosmic Toast (non-signator)

La la Loopsy – multi episodes

Disney Television Animation

Star Vs. Forces of Evil – multi episodes
Mickey shorts – ongoing.
Mickey and the Roadster Racers (CG show) – multi episodes
Tangled – multi episodes
The Lion Guard – multi episodes
The 7D -- multi-episodes
Unannounced fairy tale -- development
Pickle And Peanut – multi episodes
Future-Worm! – multi episodes
Duck Tales – multi episodes
Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer – multi episodes
Wicked World – multi episodes
Sophia the First – multi episodes
Puppy Papers – multi episodes
Elena of Avalor – multi episodes

(Wrapping things up (so far as we know): Wander Over Yonder; Gravity Falls; Penn Zero)

DreamWorks Animation

Kung Fu Panda 3
Puss in Boots 2

(Other jams and jellies in development).

DreamWorks Animation TV

Croods – multi episodes
Vegie Tales – multi episodes
Peabody and Sherman – multi episodes
King Julien – multi episodes
Dinotrux – multi episodes
Puss in Boots – multi episodes
Unannounced projects – multi episodes
Dragons of Berk – multi episodes

Film Roman – Starz

Spiderman – multi episodes
Mega Man
Simpsons – multi episodes

Fox TV Animation

Family Guy – multi episodes
American Dad – multi episodes


Rescue Bots – multi episodes
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Micronauts (2D series)

Illumination Entertainment

Some feature story work done in L.A.; production at the MacGuff studios in Paris.

Marvel Animation Studios

Newer Super Hero project
Avengers Assemble – multi episodes
Guardians of the Galaxy – multi episodes


Pinky Malinky
Shimmer and Shine
Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket
Loud House
Harvey Beaks
Sanjay and Craig
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Spongebob Squarepants
Fairly Odd Parents

(The above are multi-episoded, in various stages of work.)

Paramount Animation

Multiple Feature Projects in Development

Six Point Harness (non-signator)

Hollow Gauntlet

Shadow Machine (non-signator)

Bojack – multi episodes

Sony Pictures Animation


(There are various projects in and out of work at SPA. Popeye, for instance, has been on and off, on and off. Don't know where the switch position for that project is right now. And please note that Sony Imageworks, SPA's production arm, departed the Culver City campus for the Free Money in Vancouver a couple of years ago. The Sony Imageworks campus in CC now houses pre-production only.)

Starburns Industries

Rick and Morty – multi episodes
Animals – multi episodes

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (non-signator)

Robot Chicken
Lego Scooby Doo
WWE Slam City

Titmouse* (Robin Red Breast)

TurboFast – wrapping 2nd season
Fancy Bastards – pilot (waiting series pickup)

Universal Cartoon Studios

Land Before Time
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Frozen 2
Wreck-It Ralph 2

Warner Animation Group

Lego Batman
Lego 2
Billion Brick Race

(and various)

Warner Bros. Animation

Scooby Doo Wild West
WWE Meets Jetsons
Be Cool, Scooby Doo
– wrapping up ... for now.
Bunnicula – multi episodes
Justice League Action – multi episodes
Mike Tyson Mysteries – multi episodes
Teen Titans Go! – multi episodes
DC Girls (online show)
Green Eggs and Ham (online show)
(Unannounced shows in development.)

Wild Canary

Miles From Tomorrowland
Sheriff Callie

And of course there are various non-signator* studios out there: Moonscoop, Renegade, ADHD, Rough Draft, etc. If you know what's going on in these places, feel free to comment. (As we said up above, we are only semi-comprehensive.)

Add On: We've already made some corrections to the above, adding a show and dropping a show. We'll note what's said in comments -- most TV work in Southern California encompasses pre-production (writing, designing, storyboarding, animatics) and post-production (editing, sound, etc.) Production work is (mostly done somewhere else, but a few shows have been known to do some production work in L.A. Disney features are largely produced in Burbank-Glendale-L.A., while DreamWorks Animation (feature) outsources some work while still doing a sizeable chunk of production in Glendale.


Adam Martinez said...

What about The 7D? Wasn't that getting a second season?

Joel Fletcher said...

Looks like a lot of projects! However, I suspect the majority of them are just designed and boarded in Southern California, while the actual animation production is farmed out to other countries. Which has been standard operating procedure for decades unfortunately.

Steve Hulett said...

Yipes, the 7D IS still going. The omission will be corrected.

Most projects listed are written, designed, boarded and then turned into animatics. After that they are shipped off to various points of the globe.

Liam'sWorld said...

Where the heck are "My Little Pony" and that "Transformers: Combiner Wars" thing that's being produced for Machinima?

Laura Hohman said...

Forgot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under Nick.

Unknown said...

Lots of activity here.

The list of shows for DWA TV/Netflix looks about right. I think I know what one of those 'unannounced' projects might be.

Unknown said...

When you say Gravity Falls is "wrapping things up", does that mean it's cancelled? I will hate to see GF gone!

Steve Hulett said...

TMNT is now in. I appreciate the corrections. (I've taken stuff out that hasn't been announced. Otherwise I get a phone call from some administrator ... which I might get anyway.)

Steve Hulett said...

Re DWA tv, there are two unannounced projects that I know about. And there's always unannounced feature projects. I know of at least one non-signator feature, housed in Burbank, that hasn't yet gotten off the ground.

N/A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Writer said...

Steve, I think you missed a whole movie studio! Warner a Animation Group has lots of Lego movies in production (Ninjago, Lego Batman, Lego 2, Billion Brick Race, etc.) and other WAG movies like Storks and Littlefoot and probably others I'm forgetting...

Steve Hulett said...

Ach! You're right. Warner Animation Group, left out! (For those who don't know, they're using the Illumination Entertainment/Paramount Animation/Sony Pictures Animation system -- pre-production in L.A., and production elsewhere. In WAG's case, they have been using Animal Logic in Australia. I have no idea if this will continue.)

N/A said...

What about DisneyToon Studios? Don't they have anything in the works?

Steve Hulett said...

Re Disney Toon Studios -- the place still has a few employees at its Glendale studio. But for the most part, staff is laid off, pre-production work is minimal, and the building now houses Walt Disney Animation Studios employees, a few surviving Toonsters, and Disney Educational.

Hope this helps.

N/A said...

About the "Unannounced fairy tale" in development at DTVA, is it a completely original project or is it tied to a pre-existing Disney animated property (like the Tangled TV show or Sofia the First, for example)?

AnytownGuy said...

Wasn't Nick deleoping a Hey Arnold reboot, you missed that out, Craig Bartleett mentioned about it a couple of times lately

AnytownGuy said...

Also Kim Possible and Ducktales are in development at Disney according to Jim Hill

Steve Hulett said...

Ducktales has been in development at DTVA for awhile now. Not sure about Kim Possible (the company has a LOT of older episodes). We mostly don't list shows that are in development and don't yet have crews doing episodes.

As for Hey Arnold, that one slipped by me.

N/A said...

Has Jake and the Never Land Pirates been cancelled? It's not on the DTVA list you posted.

Steve Hulett said...

I'm informed that Jake is completing its production run.

Unknown said...

What about the show Mikey Murphy's Law, according to the creators wasn't that in production?

Unknown said...

"according to Jim Hill"

Not to be trusted.

N/A said...

Is the new Land Before Time at Universal going to be CG or 2D?

Unknown said...

Any thing regarding Gumball?

Ryoga316 said...

I know Gumball will continue up until Season 5 and the European studio behind the show has closed its doors. So that would mean unless Ben Bocquelet and his staff are doing it in California with another order from CN, Season 5 will be Gumball's last.

Ryoga316 said...

On a different subject, does the "wrap up production" with regards to Wander Over Yonder mean the show is done after 2 Seasons, or was there an order for Season 3?

Spongey444 said...

What's the state for Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja?

Ryoga316 said...

@Spongey444 I hear Randy Cunningham aired it's series finale a few months ago.

bigdaddy said...

What's this newer super hero project from Marvel?

Steve Hulett said...

Ladies and gents: The reason some stuff isn't listed is because the studios haven't announced this show and that and get touchy when I mention them here. So I don't. (And here and there I make mistakes. Try not to, but it happens.) I won't be naming series that are not yet out in public. You can ask and ask, but my lips are sealed.

Wander Over Yonder, to the best of my knowledge, is ending. Understand that the minds of studio execs can change, but that's the info as of now.

There are a poopload of Sccoby Doo projects, and why not? Scoob is an icon. But we've added another title.

SleepyBat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Hulett said...

Re Mixels: Currently Mixels is in production on a 22 minute episode. It'll be shipped overseas for animation (2D) mid September.

Unknown said...

Steve can you say if Transformers Robots in Disguise and Micronauts are also multi-episode?

Steve Hulett said...

Babs Seed, I have no additional info on Transformers.

dth1971 said...

I wish there was a T.U.F.F. Puppy follow up - a prequel series involving Kitty Katswell and her sister Katty while they are high school or college students.

You didn't even mention anything regarding 9 Story Entertainment's Arthur if it will get a 20th. season in 2016 in time for the PBS Kids cartoon series' 20th. anniversary or even the Geronimo Stilton cartoon series beyond Season 3.

SilverOptimus said...

@Liam Scanlan, Here's an info about Combiner Wars:

SleepyBat said...

on Mixels: Really? The LEGO Club Magazine said it'd be airing [later this month]. Maybe I just don't understand animation THAT much but I'm pretty sure they can't get it done that quickly.

(I was mostly asking about if there'd be any more episodes, since we already are getting a flow of news on the next special, but considering the deal with LEGO and the confirmation of more sets in 2016 there should definitely be more episodes.)

Adam Martinez said...

Is Adelaide Productions (Sony Pictures' TV animation studio) doing anything, or are they pretty much done for now that The Boondocks has ended?

SleepyBat said...

My comment was approved WAAAAY late so just so you know, don't bother answering it, we already got an airdate for the episode. ;)

Unknown said...

The Chipmunks back at Universal???

Adam Martinez said...

Is this still being looked over? Just curious.

Adam Martinez said...

D'OH! Sorry, almost forgot. Bill Kopp said he was working on a Woody Woodpecker revival for Universal a while back. Is that still in development?

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