Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dragons Not Bawling

A foreign animated feature from across the sea does well.

After a highly successful international run, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F opened in the domestic market in only 894 select theaters and playing only one time a night — at 7 PM and the performance here is as stunning as it was overseas in Japan. On Tuesday and last night, it had collected a whopping $1.97M and Wednesday is said to have drawn in another estimated $1.6M.

The movie’s per screen average of more than $2,198 landed it in first place yesterday among all movies. Theater sell outs were reported in major metropolitan areas including New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. They could pull in a similar $1.5M number tonight as well. In fact, this anime picture, on a budget of only $5M, could end up doing $18M to $19M in one week domestically. ...

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, animation is a format, not a genre. You can have multiple animated productions in the marketplace doing well because they're not the same but different, catering to a variety of audiences in the same way that ... ahm ... live-action movies play to different age groups and sensibilities.

It really isn't a hard concept to understand if people take a couple of minutes to look, study and understand it. Maybe someday some of the denser critics and analysts will catch on.


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