Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kids' Streaming

Work under TAG's contracts keep growing. This explains a lot of it.

... U.S. digital video penetration among children ages 11 and under is expected to jump to 74% by 2019 from 68% in 2013, according to research firm EMarketer. At stake will be millions of dollars in subscription fees for streaming services that have the best offerings. ...

One reason why children are a target audience is because they are natural binge-watchers, prone to viewing the same episode over and over. Parents, who once sat their kids down in front of DVDs, are discovering that streaming services offer more varied programming and are more convenient in a pinch.

About 20% of TV content (both acquired programming and originals) on Netflix and Amazon is aimed at children, according to SNL Kagan data from October 2014. Hulu, which has only dipped a toe in creating originals for kids, has a smaller slice of the pie with just 5% of its library consisting of licensed children's shows. ...

"Kids are growing up straddling the computer, tablet and smartphone," Naomi Hupert, senior research associate at the Center for Children and Technology, said. "All these technologies are relatively new, and how we see kids use them is still new. It can be sort of overwhelming to think where it can go from here, but we're still in the beginning stages."

Content providers keep discovering that animation is

A) A continuous kid pleaser.

B) Relatively inexpensive to produce.

C) Ever green.

And of course:

Animation Still Decade's Most Profitable Movie Genre: SNL Kagan

... Judged just by genre, average revenues for the decade’s 101 animated films ran 108.4% ahead of costs. DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek 2 led the category with a 462% margin. The 71 sci-fi/fantasy films had a margin of 108.1%. Fox’s Avatar is the winner here with revenues 554% ahead of costs. ...

Deadline is talking about theatrical animation, but the smaller screen variety is also profitable. And one overlooked tidbit, that sci fi movie they talk about? Avatar?

It's mostly an animated feature.


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