Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Animation Vs. Animation

Let the cannibalizing begin!

Illumination Entertainment/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets is headed to the No. 1 spot next weekend at the nation’s box office with tracking showing a higher gross than what conventional wisdom is thinking. While tracking has the new animated family film opening around $80 million-$90 million, we’re thinking that Disney’s Finding Dory could swim away with anywhere between $25M-$30M next weekend to nip at Pets’ heels. ...

Pets has already opened overseas, but in only six markets. As a precursor of what we expect to come across international, it had No. 1 openings in all of them. ...

Having two animated features in the marketplace ... or three for that matter ... is only a problem if you're a media outlet looking for an angle about Cartoon A "crowding out" Cartoon B.

Because, honest to Pete. Animated movies are really a lot like live-action movies. Each is separate and distinct. "Animated features" are NOT a genre, but a method used to tell a story. They chew into each other only if they're perceived as being "the same".

Pets and Dory will have their own fans. Some of those fans will overlap, just like in live-action.


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