Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Leveraging the Library

Extending brands across new distribution platforms, that's what it's about.

Digital Domain Holdings Limited, parent company of the award winning Visual Effects house Digital Domain, today announced it has aligned with DreamWorks Animation to produce virtual reality content and experiences for the global family entertainment company’s most iconic and legendary characters, beginning with the worlds of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. ...

This relationship marks another major step forward as Digital Domain continues its drive to become the industry leader in producing and distributing VR content. With its cutting edge VR tools, artists are continually able to push the boundaries of VR and redefine what is possible. ...

Technology is reshaping the entertainment landscape. The most profitable corner of movie-making? Animated CG features, something that didn't exist prior to 1995. Our fine, entertainment conglomerates recognize that brands need to live on many platforms in order to make money on cell phones and flat screen televisions and global movie screens and (let's not forget) sell toys, games, and every manner of books (do people still READ those things.

So virtual reality? A new partnership? If it extends brands and profits, why the hell not?


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