Friday, July 08, 2016

End of Sequels

The sequels are definitely coming to a finish, says the Prez of Pixar.


For sure.

Right after the next Incredibles sequel, next Toy Story sequel, next Cars sequel ... and so forth and so on.

(I'm so old I can recall when Toy Story 3 was going to be the last of the Toy Stories. How has that declaration held up?) ...

See, it's like the substance abuser who says he's swearing off the cocaine ... or weed ... or crystal meth. The promise to stop is very heartfelt at the time of announcement, but back sliding is so easy. And in the case of animated sequels, so fcking profitable.

Let's be honest. Filmmakers can always get inspired to come up with "a new story that needs to be told, and that we're all very excited about!" when there's marketing and distribution divisions breathing down filmmakers' necks. It truly inspires that good old inspiration. And if division chiefs feel better pretending cartoon studios owned by conglomerates are actually Renaissance art studios, who does it really hurt?

Only a handful of animation geeks who believed the pronouncements in the first place.


Unknown said...

There will be plenty more sequels. Probably sooner than anyone but a Disney accountant would admit. Let's hope they're a bit better than that horribly directed monsters university mess, or the brad lewis crap cars 2. The DTV crews here in L.A. were making better direct to video cartoons than these.

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