Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Netflix Pursues Youth

Maybe the most interesting wrinkle of this ...

... or this ...

... is that Netflix is spending some heavy coin to license Beatles music and make CG animated series for the pre-school set. Because that's the demographic NF is going after here.

Netflix is serious about corralling young viewers by any and all means possible. Whether this offering does that job or not, who knows? But nobody can say the SVOD service isn't seriously working at it.

As for the musical rights being granted to Beat Bugs young producer Josh Wakely, the New York Times said this:

... The kind of rights that Mr. Wakely sought are rarely granted, and the deals were all the more remarkable given his relative inexperience. He had just a handful of credits to his name as a writer and director when he began the process half a decade ago. Securing rights to the Beatles works — including more than 250 songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney — took three years; the deal is estimated at nearly $10 million.

“I had no idea how complicated or how ambitious an idea it was,” Mr. Wakely said. “I’m glad I was so na├»ve, because I wouldn’t have pursued it otherwise.” ...


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