Friday, July 01, 2016

TAG Wage Survey

Every year for the past twenty years, the Animation Guild has conducted a wage survey of members working in the industry.

Last year, there was a record-high number of survey forms mailed out, and we received a record-high number or responses (although the 30% response rate was below the 33% from 2015.) A few summary stats from 2015:

2015 Median Wage Rates

TV Directors -- $2,414.06

Feature Board Artists -- $2,227.27

TV Production Board Artists -- $2,000

Character Layout Artists -- $1,900

Rough Layout Artists -- $2,250

Previs Artists -- $2,273.68

Art Directors -- $2,312.50

Visual Development Artists -- $1,981.82

Production Designers -- $2,235.31

Tech Directors -- $1,932.63

3D Animators -- $2,021.05 ...

From 2014's survey to the '15 version, 34% wage categories were down, while 66% of were up.

This year should see more changes, since employment is up year over year, and studios tell us they have trouble filling some positions.

The survey will run from June 30th to August 8th. After two days, the Animation Guild has received 76 wage reports reports from members.


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