Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Surprise

So Family Guy didn't win the Emmy.

For the creators of Family Guy, the first animated series to be nominated for a best comedy series Emmy since The Flintstones in1961, the nomination will have to be enough.

NBC’s 30 Rock won the category for the third year in a row ...

Wow. You could knock me over with a feather.

I'm one guy that advocates and applauds "animated" categories at these increasingly irrelevant award ceremonies. Let's go ahead and "ghettoize" animation.

Because if you don't create a category for toonage, the creative community working in live action ... which now and forever dominates the television and motion picture academies ... will make damn share that animated features and television shows never win any awards beyond "best song" and "best score".

Whether you think Family Guy was legitimately the best comedy show or not, live-actioners would rather jam knitting needles in their eyes and shred their tongues than vote for an animated anything.

So special animated categories, bring them on. If animation people want one of them little gold statues, they better hope the academies have those special slots, because that's the only way they will ever get one.


Anonymous said...

A-effing MEN.

The same goes for the AAs. It'd be nice to imagine that the live action community will see a "cartoon" as in their league but they do NOT and they never ever will, much as they may love Pinocchio. I say accept the honor (which it is) of the separate category and take home a deserved award. The alternative is bupkis. Reality bites, but it's still the prevailing paradigm.

Anonymous said...

Third the motion. Comedy should always be coach. Flying first class just isn't funny. Comfortable, but not funny.

Anonymous said...

I dont care.

I just want my salary doubled.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said comedy should be coach? Not me(first poster). I'm not talking about good or bad, but about heavy statues. Which ultimately don't mean shit. The better film, animated or not, doesn't always "win" and who cares?

We're talking about movies, right? ALL that matters is that people GO and SEE the films-comedies, dramas, cartoons/ "ahhnimated", 3D-all of them. That's what matters, what we make them for and what we get paid/continue to have JOBS for.

Not for statues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe The Simpsons would have won, had Matt Groening pushed for a "Best Comedy" Emmy nom as Seth McFarlane did for FG. The Simpsons has more class, more cache, a better track record and more all-ages appeal.

I think the Simpsons would have had a real chance. Family Guy? Nah...

Chris Battle said...

The Simpsons tried that years ago and failed to get a nomination. After that, they returned to the animated category and continued to rack up Emmys.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. Even Seth MacFarlane said The Office should've won. I think the FG writers just wanted to acknowledged alongside other primetime comedies by the Hollywood elite.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

Family guy lost because it's not that well written. And it's not particularly funny, either. But it is ugly to look at.

30 Rock has far superior writing, and Family Guy isn't even in the same league. It's a mystery why it was even nominated.

Anonymous said...

A Best Animation Category is swell for artists' egos, bad for the artform's overall acceptance in America.

But who cars, ultimately? Network TV is next in line to die after newspapers, anyway. And, it's the Emmys, for crying out loud. This blog post today summed up my feelings almost perfectly:

"...the Emmys are f***king retarded. They never recognize anything good. ‘30 Rock’ over ‘Flight of the Conchords’? F**k you. The winner is always some lowest-common denominator mush. If ‘Best Painter’ were an Emmy category, Thomas Kinkade would be holding his trophy on stage and plugging his website while Marcel Duchamp sat in the audience smiling politely."

Replace "30 Rock" with "2 And a Half Men" and that's pretty much my exact feeling.

Anonymous said...

30 Rock is FAR better--and far more consistantly funny and brilliant--than the iffy Flight of the Conchords--a very VERY spotty show. Conchords is funny in a Gilligan's Island kind of way.

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