Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Won't You Give? And Give GENEROUSLY?"

Diz Co's CEO asks for assistance.

The Walt Disney Company has a reputation for lobbying hard on copyright issues. The 1998 copyright extension has even been dubbed the “Mickey Mouse Protection Act” by activists like Lawrence Lessig that have worked to reform copyright laws.

This year, the company is turning to its employees to fund some of that battle. Disney CEO Bob Iger has sent a letter to the company’s employees, asking for them to open their hearts—and their wallets—to the company’s political action committee, DisneyPAC.

In the letter, which was provided to Ars by a Disney employee, Iger tells workers about his company's recent intellectual property victories, including stronger IP protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a Supreme Court victory that destroyed Aereo, and continued vigilance about the "state of copyright law in the digital environment." It also mentions that Disney is seeking an opening to lower the corporate tax rate. ...

"For your convenience, DisneyPAC has implemented a payroll deduction system, through which your contributions to the PAC will be deducted from your weekly paycheck," Iger explains. ...

See? Your hard-earned dollars are just a click away from helping the Walt Disney Company fight for truth, justice, an extension of copyright AND lower taxes.

And if you act now, the company might see fit to extending your employment by a couple of months before shipping your job to Canada, where there is Free Money in abundance. (That's fair, isn't it?)

Because if there is anything that we're sure of, it's that Chief Executive officers are overburdened with taxes, onerous regulations, and the oppressive chains of an evil, socialistic government.


Matthew said...

'El Capitan' Iger, of the good ship Mickey Diz Co Mouse, asking his humble crew & cabin boys (& girls) to supply the much needed Jetsam to lighten the load in this time of 'distress'... all so that the good ship Mickey can have smoother sailing through the tricky waters of IP extension for at lease several more decades of money printing to come. Makes me sea sick just thinking about it, to be honest.

Steve Hulett said...

Having copyright protection for a century or more is ... ah ... pushing it.

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