Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Annie Award nominees announced

ASIFA-Hollywood has just posted the list of nominees for the 34th annual Annie Awards here. Congratulations to everyone on the list . . .

It's easy to second guess the nominations (I know I've done it in the past), but having been on some of the nominating committees in the past, I know the nominators take their responsibility very seriously. And I think they did a particularly good job this year, especially given that there really aren't the usual clear-cut favorites in many categories. As a side-note, it can seem odd that a given movie will not be nominated for best feature, but will be nomimated for best director(s) and/or best screenplay, but that's what comes when different committees, who are looking for different things, handle each category.

So congratulations to all the nominees, and to ASIFA-Hollywood. I'm looking forward to another great awards ceremony in February.


Anonymous said...

I know this is not the best place to ask - but what's up with the PegBoard - it has not been updated since September...

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for the nominees to my coworkers and friends here at Dreamworks.

Let me, please, say few words about how I feel about the ones closer to me.

Line Andersen really helped to develop the personality of the main character in Flashed Away "Roddy". After seeing her early scenes I knew who Roddy was and how he was supposed to move and act.
Gabe Hordos did some of the most appealing and funny scenes in the movie, including Roddy meeting the slugs. I love his staging because of the unique 2d feeling that he pours in it.
Nicolas Marelet, which artwork inspired the design for Over the Hedge, is the most talented designer that I ever met. Every line he puts on paper has his own life.
Pierre Olivier Vincent "just" created the world of "Fushed Away". His artwork has been an inspiration for everybody. You look at his drawings and you believe in what you see even if it is a fantastic reinvention of the sewer of London.
David Bowers and Sam Fell were my directors on Flushed Away and they gave me the great opportunity to learn the super charming and very sophisticated Aardmann style.

These artists gave a lot to the movies they worked on but they gave a lot to me as well.

Thanks to all of you guys and congratulations.


Anonymous said...

The Peg-Board issues will be posted on the website shortly. Sometimes we fall behind around here.

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