Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Winter Walkaround...

...to Disney and Starz. As I earlier posted, my days are filled with 401(k) meetings. But I still had time to hand out holiday party announcements at Disney Features and Starz Media...

At Disney, staffers are focused on getting Meet the Robinsons finished; also on the oncoming recasting (job assignments) that will be happening next week.

Over at Starz (aka Film Roman, aka IDT Entertainment), work continues full bore on "The Simpsons" movie, with plenty of overtime and artists on the tv "Simpsons" continuing to climb aboard the movie version. (Work on the flick looks as though it will continue awhile.)

Outside the big conference room on the third floor, I ran into Fred Seibert, there for a meeting about Wow Wow Wubbzy a show that is doing, per Fred, quite nicely. (Like, it's a hit with the pre-school set.) I pulled him away from his Blackberry long enough to find out that there's a new cartoon short he's producing that he's really excited about. In fact, Fred thinks it breaks older television molds and could turn the biz in new and different directions. At which point he had to go back into his meeting and I had to race to my car to drive to a meeting. But his description of the 'toon whetted my appetite. And if I see Fred's short in the next few weeks of months, I'll let you know.


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