Friday, December 01, 2006

Ralph Hulett's Christmas, day V

Hulett thumbnail
© by the Estate Of Ralph Hulett. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image.

This design is another of Ralph Hulett's lighter-hearted "character" cards (alternating between the scenic cards and the character-driven cards.) The Disney influence is readily apparent: lots of round shapes. Dad usually painted next season's designs six months ahead.

He would paint a lot of cards in his home studio, but some at Disney. The background department had a quota of b.g.s it expected its artists (Dad, Bill Layne, Al Dempster, and Ann Guenther) to do in a given week. Because Hulett painted seven days a week (weekends and vacations were also painting time, since wielding a brush was both his vocation and hobby), he was fast. And when he finished his allotment of backgrounds for the week, out would come the Christmas card designs.

Management, as far as I know, never complained.

Here are more Ralph Hulett Christmas cards.


Anonymous said...

These are an incredibly special treat to see, Steve--thanks for posting them.

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