Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tink in Suspended Animation

Clap everybody! Clap real loud!...

HOLLYWOOD -- Top Walt Disney Co. animation executives have delayed next year's release of a "Tinker Bell'' DVD that the company was counting on to drive sales of a key new line of merchandise aimed at young girls.

The decision is important because Disney has been hoping Disney Fairies, introduced last year, can replicate some of the success the company has enjoyed with its lucrative Disney Princesses line of dolls, clothes, videos and other merchandise.

But executives from Pixar Animation Studios, who now run Disney animation, decided the plot of "Tinker Bell'' needed some tinkering of its own.

As a result, the film, originally scheduled for next fall, is being pushed back until at least 2008, according to Disney animation employees and company executives.

I've been ambling through the Frank Wells Building for years, admiring the Tinker Bell artwork decorating the walls. Well done stuff. But as the LA TIMES relates, and story artists have told me like forever, the story -- even years later -- still requires "substantial work."

The picture had commenced animation and there was a small animation crew in Burbank, a large one in India. But I guess animation has been put on hold.


Jason said...

As more a consumer than an industry insider, THAT'S a relief. There have been SO many negative comments to Tink being CG and having a voice. I'm sure that a thin story would be the last nail in that coffin. Hopefully more story work will help make it fun to own, for me AND my daughter. Thanks for the post.

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