Saturday, December 09, 2006

Penguins Keep Trucking

Happy Feet continues gliding through its wintry wonderland, dropping to third as Mel Gibson's Apocalypto enters the current weekend race. On Friday the Mel flick was Numero Uno...

But the Penguins have now raked in $128 million in 22 days of release.

Sunday Update: The weekend estimates are in (and the link is malfunctioning). Mel's latest bloodfest scored a surprise win, with a sanguine $14 million and change. Happy Feet dropped to third, with $12.7 million on a modest 27.5% drop from the previous frame. The Warner Bros.' release now stands at $137.7 million, and will soon crack into the top ten for the year.

Re Mr. Gibson's new epic: Variety has an interesting take on Disney's winning box office ways in an article on the different studios' performances in the final lap of the year:

Disney: Teflon Studio

In the fourth quarter, Disney seems to be weathering every storm...

...The biggest triumph is surviving the fiasco potential of "Apocalypto." Other studios rejected the pic as too bloody, too foreign. Mel Gibson's drunken outbursts last July were a PR disaster. Hollywood questioned whether the studio would abandon the pic.

Instead, Disney is capitalizing on Gibson in its publicity, not shunning him. Early reviews are enthusiastic and potential auds seem unfazed by the summer incident.

When you're on a roll, you're on a roll...

Final Update: In the name of completeness, we note that in fact Happy Feet finished second for the weekend. Flushed Away dropped to 16th place, with almost a million, and a total of $61.2 million.


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