Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An afternoon of remembrance

This Saturday afternoon, March 1, the Animation Guild, ASIFA-Hollywood and Women In Animation will be hosting the annual Afternoon of Remembrance at the Hollywood Heritage Museum/Lasky-DeMille Barn, 2100 N. Highland (across from the Hollywood Bowl) in Hollywood.

The Afternoon of Remembrance is a non-denominational celebration of forty-seven friends from our animation community who passed away in 2007. We've been holding these services since 1995, when the first "Afternoon of Remembrance" was held down the street at the large Presbyterian Church located on the corner of Highland and Franklin. As in years past, the event is free of charge and open to all with no RSVPs necessary. It starts with drinks and refreshments at 1 pm followed by remembrances starting at 2 pm.

This year's list ranges from Strawberry Shortcake voice actor James Street who died at the age of thirteen after a skateboarding accident, to Jack Zander, veteran director and producer and the first president of the Screen Cartoonists Guild, who passed away just shy of his one-hundredth birthday. Below, we list ... and take a brief look at ... the folks who departed in 2007:

  • Renee Alcazar
  • Roger Armstrong
  • Dick Arnall
  • Warren Batchelder
  • Max Becraft
  • Paul Boyd
  • Sheila Brown
  • Erica Cassetti
  • Harvey Cohen
  • Alberto De Mello
  • Greg Drolette
  • Walker Edmiston
  • Ray Erlenborn
  • Natatcha Estebanez
  • Becky Fallberg
  • Mary Lou Ferguson
  • Ben Ferrer
  • Lu Guarnier
  • Ed Hansen
  • Terry Harrison
  • Florence Heintz
  • Dave Hilberman
  • Dick Hoffman
  • Steve Krantz
  • Ryan Larkin
  • Carol Lundberg
  • Celine Miles Marcus
  • John Marshall
  • Roberta Gruetert Marshall
  • Tom O'Loughlin
  • Henry Ortiz
  • Brant Parker
  • Nicole Pascal
  • Charles Nelson Reilly
  • Will Schaefer
  • Charlene Singleton
  • Ken Southworth
  • Connie Spongberg
  • Art Stevens
  • James Street
  • Iwao Takamoto
  • Aleksandr Tatarskiy
  • Caren Terry
  • Jim Thurman
  • Elbert Tuganov
  • Al Wilson
  • Jack Zander

    Anonymous said...

    If anyone has any information on Warren Batchelder, if he had an immediate family, if he talked about visits to a farm in Illinois; please let us know. He was my grandfather's first cousin. My grandfather was killed in Germany during World War II and we would like any information on Warren or his family.

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